Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The Jolly Good Tree

The Jolly Good Tree
By Shwetha 7/3/2018

She stands there, lonely
Moving, moving, Slowly.
I see her through the window
All alone, like a widow,
Did anyone notice her?
To me, She was a old conifer
Did she have a choice
Of not listening to the heary noise?

She stood there during snow
Heat, as well as winds blow
Did she mind?
She was a tree kind,
She was dying in a drought
Now, her life was caught.
I stare at her from my class
Through the translucent window glass
She meant a lot to me,
Though she was only a conifer tree.

On misty cold days,
She wished it would go her ways
The days, downpours
Happy deep in core
I talk to her, she listens
It blurrs my vision
Oh dear, tree of my life
Don't you cry, all together we strive
Take you in our heart
Don't you feel hurt
Afterall you are the jolly good conifer tree.


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